Who we are:

Ellen Muriel

22 years old, from England:

» Being born into a country with free education for all, growing up in relative peace, having the freedom to express your personal and political values, having a passport which allows you safe passage worldwide.
These are all privileges which we do not earn, instead these are rights which a small percentage of the world are just lucky enough to be born into.
That's all it comes down to – luck.
And therefore those of us who lucked out have a responsibility to support those
putting their lives on the line to find the same for themselves and their families.
In whatever way and by whatever means possible.
Trying to stop human beings from seeking basic human rights and punishing
those who succeed is criminal.
Europe has the means to deal with this situation in a humane way, there is no excuse to sit back and watch it happen.

I have a background in theatre, music and art and a big passion for travel.
After spending time in Asia and the Middle East I ventured to Europe and became tied up in this mad situation which I can now no longer ignore. «

Sofie Nissen

23 years old, from Denmark:

» In my opinion Europe has a big responsibility for taking these people in and giving them the welcome they deserve.
Especially after meeting thousands of the wonderful refugees on Lesvos, it still breaks my heart seeing how they are treated at the boarders and in the camps.
We as the European Union have the money and the resources to help.
But Europeans seem to be scared of strangers and having the fear of losing their country. This feeling of not being welcomed hurts the people seeking a life without danger.
I am honestly embarrassed by my country and the rest of Europe for their actions and I hope that our project can make a difference – for some people at least.

I have spent most of my life travelling.
It has always been interesting for me to explore new places and meet people from different countries.
Whilst living in Turkey for a year I learnt a lot about the people and their culture and also learnt to accept and appreciate differences.
When I am at home I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends, going to events, volunteering or drinking loads of coffee in our local coffee shops.
I've always been happy around people. I met some incredible individuals on Lesvos who luckily also wanted to travel and help people in need some more. «

Max Gumpert

22 years old, from England:

» This is the greatest crisis the European Union has ever faced.
It is imperative that there is a more organised, coordinated strategy from all the European countries in relation to both the refugees already in Europe and the problems in the Middle East which are causing the crisis.
And soon!

My wish for the world is Mourinho back as manager at Chelsea...
I am a recent graduate of the London School of Economics and volunteered 2 months on Lesvos afterwards.
My hobbies include cricket, rugby and singing (usually very loudly in a karaoke bar). «

Rie Alexandra Løwe Flint

25 years old, from Denmark:

» In the last year, the number of refugees, has increased extremely.
Yet, compared to Lebanon, and other places, I do not think Europe has a refugee crisis. But I do think that we have a moral crisis.
We are financially and spacewise able to give these vulnerable people a warm welcome and show that we care for each other. I think that some of the reasons why we don't, are misunderstandings and fears.
But if we did, I am sure it would plant beautiful seeds for a bright future.
Right now, my mind is constantly on the road with these people. They have nowhere to go.
This is the reason why I will continue volunteering in the Balkans after spending 5 weeks on Lesvos.

In my personal life, I get inspired by making projects in many weird and wonderful ways.
Furniture carpentry and music are a great part of my life as well and a great way for me to experience being in the here and now. «

Lucas Christian Burghardt

19 years old, from Germany:

» When we look back in history we see that this is the biggest refugee wave since WWII, this means that the European Union never had to face such a massive run on it's borders.
But I don't think that we can take this as an excuse for not being prepared.
Several years ago there had already been studies that immigration would increase dramatically, but our ministers and administraion did not react.
The results of these misrouted politics are human-beings waiting at the borders, sitting in the mud – freezing children.
My very strong believe is that every action results in something – the flutter of a butterfly's wings [in the Balkans] can cause a hurricane [in politics].
What a wonderful thought...

All my life music, sports and the love for science have rooted me. But after I volunteered, gathered information and did interviews for 6 months, including a 6-week-stay on Lesvos, I feel that there is nothing that pulls me back home right now inasmuch as there still are circumstances to improve.
That is why I truly am looking forward to starting helping again as well as spending time with these 4 wonderful and warm-hearted people I got to love on Lesvos. «